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A connection is necessary to sculpt

Only the people who feel the art, because they like it or because they are creators, can understand that exact moment when an artist connects with their creation.

When I am sculpting, this happens to me. When I start a piece, my hands take over and begin to create forms and shapes over the materials. One of my favorite materials is stone.

My beginnings with sculpture were in Amuay (Falcon State, Venezuela). There I worked with Cumarebo Stone and the molding of clay, which helped me connect with the art style.

The Cumarebo limestone is between white and yellow, with little reddish spots, and it is definitely one of the best materials to work with. Maybe that is why so many Venezuelan artists use it to sculpt their work.

Though I have my preferences, every single material I use to sculpt gives me different sensations. When it comes to limestone, I like its process and the millions of different ways I can transform it. Every stone requires a different approach, but I love the power I feel over whatever material I am sculpting.

In the whole process of sculpting, working with a material you enjoy is necessary, but it is good to explore different ones.

My advice is to try new materials and techniques because the constant change gives you the experience to improve and grow with every single piece of work you finish.

I think every sculpture or painting portrays a time, an experience, a different connection, and we as artists, express all of our feelings in the final work which results from a complex creation process.

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