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I associate art with liberty. Whenever I start a new piece, whether it be a painting or a sculpture, I am transported to my own personal safe space, where I never wish to leave. My art started when I was a little girl, it was a moment of liberty to me, and still is. To me, art is color, feelings, emotions, joy, connection, and the liberty to make whatever I wish.

Describing myself is hard, but my art says things I could not express with words. My art expresses my experiences and emotions I feel. My art has mostly been influenced by my living not only in 4 very different Venezuelan cities, but also in different countries outside of Venezuela.

My living in Angola, Kazakhstan, and the United States, has led me to express my emotions, such as being away from my loved ones, through my every painting and every sculpture. I could use my work to portray different feelings through such significant parts of my life. The colors of my work represent the arrival, assimilation, and departure of my adventures around the world.

I am constantly learning. I do not have one specific mentor or one example of art I follow in my art journey; however, I have millions of them that have heavily influenced my art throughout different stages of my life.

I have learned from every artist I’ve encountered and have taken a little part of those learnings into my art. At the end of the day, I feel like we are all a little bit of everything with a touch of our own personality.

Art tells stories and my art is no exception. All my art is full of emotions and feelings of moments, experiences, and realities of my life.

I do not like monotony and maybe that is why every piece I make is so different from the last one. Each one of my paintings or sculptures changes radically from the last one. I tend to characterize as an abstract artist, but the reality is that whenever I start any piece, I let the stone or the paintbrush guide me.

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