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Serie Omar by Neisa Guerra

Sculpture collection “Omar,” in honor of my father

This collection is available in my Art Shop. This is a very special collection for me because of my father’s influence on my art journey.

My father was the person who introduced me to art because he was an amateur painter. Art was a connection point for us, it united us no matter how different we were and how different our art was.

My dad practiced more realistic paintings. His color usage was very consistent and he focused on nature, specially the beach. I, on the other hand, always have different creations and change my color palette quite often depending on my life at the moment and my moods.

This collection of sculptures , which are available in my Art Shop, are made in his honor not only because of his influence on my art journey, but because he helped me make the bases to many of the sculptures when he would visit me in Houston. My father was always there, I felt his support in every single one of my brush strokes and when he would help me with the difficulties of heavy sculptures. I will always
remember him in every single one of my art pieces.

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