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The Avila is a connection between Venezuelan artists

Painting The Avila is a connection between Venezuelan artists. The Avila is the mountain that borders Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, and La GuairĂ¡, where I grew up.

Painting it not only reminds me of my time in my native country, but also brings me back to the two different perspectives I was able to see it everyday while living both in El Litoral Central and Caracas.

Its vivid green color and immensity filling the city landscape was a large source of my inspiration.

I have a couple of pieces of El Avila, but one specifically if my favorite and that is why I have created replicas in different sizes that will allow anyone to take that piece of Venezuela with them.

I know that Venezuelans who live all around the world value The Avila as a symbol of our native country and that is why I created these replicas as a little reminder of home.

They will be available in my Art Shop on

Replicas of El Avila

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