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Neisa Guerra Visual Artist

Neisa, born and raised in Venezuela, has lived across the globe over the past 12 years. With over 30 group shows and several solo exhibitions, Neisa shares her exploration in painting and sculpting.


A selection of my works is now available to buy online

Artists find their inspiration in simple, ordinary moments that are common to the everyday eye

– Neisa Guerra


Colors are Always Changing my Art

Color is an unavoidable part of each of my artistic compositions. Every time period of my life and every place I have lived in, have led me to use a variety of distinct color schemes.
Neisa Guerra

“Expectativa” was Neisa Guerra’s latest exhibition, which took place in Atyrau in 2018

Neisa portrayed her perception of the long Kazak winters and yearning to be with her loved ones. Her works show are heavily influenced by the Kazak town’s culture.
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